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3 Steps:

  1. Send us a brief email or message description of your: health & fitness goals + age + height body weight + gender + contact phone number.

  2. We will arrange to video call you via Skype or Zoom for a free, 20- 30 minute consultation.

  3. We will send you your personalised 8-10 week plan. 


We create you your very own personalised workout program that you can do either outside, in a gym or even in the comfort of your own home. To help you keep progressing, you can renew your plan every 8 -10 weeks at just £50 per renewal.

Programs available:

  • Rehabilitation program

  • Strength & conditioning program

  • Fat-loss program 

  • Pilates conditioning program

  • Aerobic & endurance training program


Your healthy nutrition plan will have your recommended & calculated macro & calorie in-take. Please make any dietary requirements or allergies known in your enquiry message.

Plans available:

  • Muscle building nutrition plan 

  • Fat-loss nutrition plan

  • Low calorie nutrition plan 

  • Vegan/ veggie & gluten-free nutrition plans available  

A customised nutrition plan can be the most important tool  to achieving your dream body & other health goals, next to exercise, nutrition is the most important factor when it comes to physical fitness. With the help of a nutrition plan, you can take control of your eating habits, make simple adjustments and become more aware of your diet and how it affects your physical goals. 

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