She loves the flowers and homemade cards you get her every year for Mother's Day. But this year, why not shake things up a bit and

Take her to the UK's First Hip-Hop Pilates Class! Make this year's mother's day memorable with a new and fun experience where she can work on her body and mind.   




Book your first taster class just £6! And your mother comes for FREE!

If you have already had your taster class not to worry there are other booking options!


You have to be 16+ and accompany your mother or someone's partner wanting to take them 5o the class for mother's day: Book online as normal and after your booking confirmation comes through, send us an email with the mother's full name and email address, and we will send her a confirmation email separate. It's Simple. Enjoy this new experience together. 




You can not claim this mother's day special if you are just friends with a mum (mother's can attend for free if they are accompanied by their offspring (16+) or partner).


This special offer is only valid for 31/03/19 and can be booked any time before that date. 

All purchases and offers are non transferable.

Offer expires as of 01/04/19.


Have a happy Mother’s Day from us at Dripset (Hip-Hop Pilates). 

We hope you have a wonderful experience at our class and look forward to seeing you!


If you do have any questions please do not hesitate to send us an email and we will get back to you within 42 hours. 

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