Founder and Host

Pushing to get you stronger, fitter and  flexible with the best tunes, crazy energy and mad motivation. Zindzi, founder of Dripset (Hip-Hop Pilates), was raised and has always lived in North London,  England.

Zindzi has traveled around the world, enjoys learning new cultures and  experiencing great life changing experiences. She has took on cooking as a hobby and enjoys spending her time either instructing her  fitness classes, with friends or around family.

She's been in the fitness industry for over seven years. 

Started off instructing various group exercise classes and personal training in gyms and studios all around London and USA. She had built up a great reputation in gym culture and made it her goal to help people live healthier lives.  Her motto is "If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you".




Dripset Instructor

Cerise-Celine, also known as Ce Ce, is enthusiastic about fitness and healthy plant-based eating. She enjoys all types of fitness including running, HIIT, dance aerobics and of course Pilates.


Ce Ce loves hip hop and other fusions of RnB, Jazz and Soul music, and never misses her chance to go to music festivals and live concerts. 

If she isn't the one dragging her friends to do daring things like jump 18,000 feet out of planes, she is often the one they call to try something new, from art classes to soap making. Traveling and exploring new places excites her, and she won't shy away from a good old solo trip either.

She finds blending her passion for music with helping others to achieve their health and fitness goals, massively rewarding.  


Her motto is "show up and the rest will follow" - we all have to start somewhere, and just showing up for yourself is the best thing that you can do.


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