The UK's first Hip-Hop mat Pilates classes!  You can now enjoy improving your posture, muscle definition, joint mobility, core strength and balance in a vibrant atmosphere to your favourite Hip-Hop, Rnb and Afrobeat tunes.

Participate in our lively classes with controlled movements that help strengthen and loosens up stiff muscles in a safe way. If you're a person who sits down in the office all day or someone who finds yourself slouching a lot, the increase in flexibility and core strength performed in these classes will help reduce future back problems.

Our classes have been modernised due to more recent research and influences regarding biomechanics and physical therapy. We may still incorporate some of the original exercises found in classic Pilates, but there is also a wide range of new exercises that have been added or variations added for specific needs.

Unite with friends, choose to paint each other in UV face paint, wear glow sticks, get fit and have fun! Let the music take us through higher states of consciousness, connecting with our mind, body and soul in a different way. You may use the gym's sauna and showering facilities after the class, we encourage you to wind down and refresh after our challenging and unique Pilates workout! Please note: Our classes are for people aged 15+.


Pilates is suitable for all genders and ages. It is also known to relieve stress and tension, and develops whole body strength and flexibility while reducing the risk of injury. Pilates uses controlled movements, it usually involves alternating and repeating movements whilst holding your body and core still. It gets you to engage your muscles for a hard workout, whilst clearing the mind and promoting good breath control. If you're getting bored of resistance training, Pilates is the perfect alternative to really work your muscles and improve core strength and stability.


In our class, the main focus is hip-hop music, which we believe is the best genre to workout to. It makes classes fun and the lyrics are motivational! The tempo of the different beats are chosen accordingly, for particular aspects of the workout and that is why we also include Rn'B for slower exercises and Afrobeats for faster moves, to give it an extra buzz! 


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